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Impressionist Paris Street Toward to Eiffel Tower Cityscape Oil Painting 20 x 24 Inches

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Impressionist Paris Street Toward to Eiffel Tower Cityscape Oil Painting France Impressionism 20 x 24 Inches
Canvas Size: 20 x 24 Inches (Height x Width)
  • 100% Hand Painted Oil Painting On Canvas - NOT a Print
  • Currently the Painting is Unstretched (What Is Unstretched)
In Stock √     Price: $59.00      

Stretched Option (What Is Stretched)

Stretch the Canvas to make it ready for hanging on wall. You can add the stretching option here:
Price: $59.00 (Painting) + $39 (Stretch Cost) = $98    

This peaceful and romantic oil painting depicts a typical Paris street scene at dusk in eighteenth or nineteenth century: people, including couples and children are walking on street leisurely and carefree. Several horse carriages are mixed among the crowd. Line of trees makes the street more charming. Lamps inside the buildings are throwing warm pools of light on the street. Eiffel Tower - the famous landmark of Paris, is visible in remote. Paris’s Haussmann style street buildings are very grand and imposing - Street blocks were designed as homogeneous architectural wholes. The buildings are not treated as independent structures, but as pieces of a unified urban landscape – which make the Paris street looks very neat and similar, yet very spectacular! This beautiful painting is knife painted with thick textured layers, in an impressionist style, and is for sale at affordable price.

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