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Branches of Almond Tree in Blossom, Van Gogh Reproduction Oil Painting 20 x 24 Inches

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Branches of Almond Tree in Blossom, Van Gogh Reproduction Oil Painting Flower Post Impressionism 20 x 24 Inches
Canvas Size: 20 x 24 Inches (Height x Width)
  • 100% Hand Painted Oil Painting On Canvas - NOT a Print
  • Currently the Painting is Unstretched (What Is Unstretched)
In Stock √     Price: $59.00      

Stretched Option (What Is Stretched)

Stretch the Canvas to make it ready for hanging on wall. You can add the stretching option here:
Price: $59.00 (Painting) + $39 (Stretch Cost) = $98    

Vincent van Gogh's 1890 Painting reproduction. Already in Arles, Van Gogh had been fascinated by the orchards, filled with apricot, peach and plum trees and in full bloom at the time of his arrival in March 1888. The composition of Almond Blossom is, however, both unusual and unique in Vincent's oeuvre. The branches seem to float against the blue sky, and it is unclear if they are still part of the tree or set in a vase, as in one of his earlier works. With an unusual regularity, the entire pictorial surface has been filled with branches, which are further accented by the use of dark contours. Both this sharp outlining and the placement of the tree were certainly inspired by Japanese prints, which Van Gogh had seen for the first time in Paris. This influence can also be seen in a number of other paintings.

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