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Large African Elephant Oil Painting       #36014030     In Stock √
Large African Elephant Oil Painting Animal, Elephant Contemporary Oil Painting  40 x 30 inches
Painting: $139.99     Size: 40"x30"    
Unstretched / Stretched Options

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Item Summary

  • Item SKU: #36014030
  • 100% Hand Painted Oil Painting On Canvas - NOT a Print, Poster, Or a Transfer
  • Canvas Size is 40 x 30 Inches (Height x Width)
  • Currently the Painting is Unstretched (What Is Unstretched)
  • Stretching Option is Available (See Above Option)
  • Frame Options are NOT Available for this Painting
Beautiful large elephant head Oil Painting, trunk, ivory, tusks, giant ears. Elephant is heavy plant-eating mammal with a prehensile trunk, long curved ivory tusks, and large ears, native to Africa and southern Asia. It is the largest living land animal on Earth today. Hand painted oil on canvas with textural layers

Shipping Information

  • US customers can receive ordered paintings within 2 ~ 4 business days
  • All paintings (unstretched/stretched/framed) are free shipped to 48 US Continental States
  • Unstretched paintings are also free shipped to Hawaii and Alaska
  • Unstretched paintings are shipped worldwide
  • Will be shipped from our warehouse at Pearland (Metropolitan Houston), Texas, of U.S.A
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Return Policy

30 Days Money Back Guarenttee - If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return your oil paintings for full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Return policy details >>

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